• The order should be placed in advance before a period of 18 months (Tenure).
  • A Minimum monthly payment amount of KD.25/- and its multiples are allowed.
  • Monthly Payments can be made in Cash and through K-NET/Credit Card at our shops situated at Souk Al Watiya, Shop No.16 or 112 or by on line . Monthly installments shall be paid on or before the last day of every month, failing which the Tenure will be extended by a month for every default.
  • Customers who have made payments for the entire 18 months without delay or default will be eligible for an incentive bonus equivalent of one monthly payment. If any member wishes to pre-pay all the installments, the benefit of bonus will be given to him / her only at the end of Tenure. The bonus will not be redeemed before the completion of Tenure.
  • The monthly payment amount will be converted to 22 carat gold at the prevailing retail selling rate at the time of payment and equivalent gold will be credited to the order as advance. The gold accumulated to the order can be redeemed as 22 carat gold jewellery as per the conditions prescribed herein
  • Members can pick up the accumulated gold in the form of 22carat Gold Jewellery and/or Diamond/Precious Stone Jewellery in the 19th month after successful completion of the payment during the Tenure without any delay/default in monthly payments and subject to the conditions prescribed herein.
  • The Management may also consider the request to redeem the accumulated gold at any time as 22 carat gold jewellery after the completion of a minimum period of 6 months from the date of enrollment. However No bonus will be paid on pre – closure /early redemption by the member. A member will be allowed to take Gold / Diamond/precious stone jewellery only for the equivalent weight of the gold accrued/accumulated up to the date of such redemption.
  • No cash refund allowed and no Gold coins or any 24 Carat item can be purchased under this facility. This plan/scheme will not be clubbed with any other offer extended by our shop(s).
  • Value addition / wastage / making charges and stone charges will be applied separately based on the type of Gold / Diamond /Precious Stone Jewellery opted by the member at the time of purchase.
  • Members shall submit all necessary documents including copies of civil ID & passport copy (including of the nominee) and shall be requested to preserve their membership card, receipts and submit it in proper condition at the time of purchase of jewellery.
  • Aradana Gulf Jewellery Center has the sole right & discretion to discontinue the plan at any time before the Tenure and in such an event it shall hand over the accrued gold jewellery or the amounts paid until such date to the member, at its option, without any further liability.
  • All disputes will be subjected to the exclusive jurisdiction of Kuwaiti courts only.


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